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Premiere Departure Lounge

The hidden airport Premiere Lounge. FOUND IT! Ah it’s that time again where you struggle to walk yourself through the airport to make the flight back to reality. I have travelled several times to Bali and haven’t seen one slight piece of evidence of a departure lounge. The previous one was a well kept secret so I thought maybe, just ...

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Language of the Locals

Island Of Smiles Thought I would share a few words with you to help you mingle with locals. I feel there is no point being in a different country without learning some of their language.

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Tips for Departure and Arriving in Bali

Now your flights are booked and you have your Passport. But if you have had your passport for some time I am hoping you checked that you you have more than 6 months until it expires? I may be someone that is on top of all things travel. However, when a busy life schedule gets on top of you this ...

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Just A Tip On Bali Belly!

As I sit here struggling to find the energy to type I thought I need to share with you ways in which to avoid this dreaded infection that could potentially ruin your precious time on this beautiful island

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Please be under! Please be Under! If you have this going through your mind at Check-in, you are not alone! On a flight home from a recent trip I was shocked to discover that my Carry-on was verging on being ‘CHECKED IN’ due to it’s weight. What was a suprise to me however, was the fact that I (apart from ...

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