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The Whatever, Whenever ‘W’ Retreat Bali

‘W’ is for where do I begin…

And how does one put in to words the visual sensory overload of my unforgettable experience of the W Retreat Bali? Well I will try my best and allow you to see through my eyes…


A quick turn left into one of the longest and most impressive driveways I have seen, I could not be more excited to find out what was waiting just for me at the end of the trail. WOW!  There I said it if not yelled it…I didn’t know where to look first. It was a visual feast and I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough.





Now that I have been greeted by the ‘Talent’ as all staff are called here at the W, we are now checked in and taken to our room which was a very much appreciated quick process after a late night arrival time into Bali from Sydney.

Down the open air corridor on the 4th floor we arrive at room 427 and from the moment that door opened I knew the ‘W’ Hotel was for me. It’s luxury, it’s modern and every little bit quirky that feeds my senses. The room is the Spectacular Ocean Facing Retreat and it is everything spectacular and without a doubt one of the best rooms I have stayed in.

The modern design has an earthy natural feel to it which is complimented by it’s polished floor boards and sleeper sofa, where I know I’ll be spending some time on. The Bathroom consists of an oversized bath tub and rainforest shower that also has an option of a skylight. Now one of my little quirks is paying way too much attention to detail, in which case I would have to say that the W left nothing out of the picture. Including welcome chocolates that pose as lipstick and some cute Rubber Ducks for the Bath tub along with an array of oils from the W’s own Away Spa.

If you were to ask if me if I had one of the best sleeps in my human existence, I would ask you ‘Can pigs fly?’  The answer in this case would be yes. Pigs really do fly at the ‘W’ and who could blame them with a view like this. Ok, so they are window details but they really do fly!


After a few minutes taking in view I was off to breakfast in one of the resorts restaurants named ‘Fire’. The other is called ‘Starfish Bloo’ and yes they have funky names for EVERYTHING here at the W.


Breakfast in ‘Fire’ was amazing and right up my alley from the moment I walked in thanks to the off the wall interior design and furnishings. This is everything I haven’t experienced in a conventional resort. Again attention to the little details were fantastic and not forgetting to mention the huge shelf in which you choose your own coffee mug… If you know me coffee means everything to my day so I knew then and there it was going to be a great day.




Now I did try both restaurants so if  Fire is a little too left of centre for you, then head over to the beachfront to  ‘Starfish Bloo’. Ok so they didn’t have the worlds biggest coffee mug for me that day but I was still off to a good start. With a beachfront view and buffet breakfast of mass proportions how could I not. Service from the Talent is second to none and the view is simply breathtaking.

I liked it so much I went back for a late lunch to relax whilst cozying up with Chris, the Boyfriend (he wasn’t complaining, just quietly) in a six metre high cane booth that is to replicate the local Balinese fish traps whilst our taste buds were presented a culinary feast of their Pan Asian specialties.

I have a sneaky suspicion that if it wasn’t all this wonderful food making me sleepy it must of  had something to do with the 2 hour pamper session we also received in the ‘Away Spa’ which was an absolute dream to visit. Hearing about the Spa on several occasions I was very excited in the lead up to my appointment and I will say that it definitely lived up to my expectations and more, including the boyfriends, which is a feat in itself.


Walking through Spa reception we are greeted by the Talent and taken to our designated area to prepare for the ultimate experience. And here we have it….the room I had dreamed about so often truly does exist.

From Bamboo Yoga moves to ease the tight muscles from jetlag to the heavenly massage, my mindset is now focused on finally being AWAY! No punt intended. Ok maybe a little.

photo (1)


Now if you don’t feel like pampering yourself and why the hell wouldn’t you? You are still in the perfect place to either hit ‘Fit’, the gym which has everything you need and open 24 hours or simply grab your sunscreen and head for ‘Wet’ the pool area. Grab yourself a Cabana  and laze by the pool all day.


Hungry? No need to get up as they will bring you food and beverages to your little heart is content. Now I did have one or two cocktails to get into the holiday spirit but one thing I did have which I do recommend is their Pizza. OMG! It even comes out to you in a delivery box. What more could you want?


– Grab your cabana early to secure your spot

– Wifi works everywhere so leave it in your room and stop Instagramming  and Facebooking everything that you do there or your partner may just want to throw it in the pool.

– I would usually tell you of things to do and see nearby but when you get here, you won’t want to leave.

Welcome, Whatever, Whenever…’W’ you’ve got me!

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