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The Charm of Three Bedroom Villa Oost Indies

Located in Seminyak, the first thing that you will notice about this three bedroom villa is the proximity of the beach. The view of the beach may be the first thing that is noticed, but it will not be the only thing.

The 3 bedrooms are just as beautiful as the beach at Villa Oost Indies. Two master suites are in the villa. The four poster bed is a great centerpiece in a room that has prints of travel posters from the 1930’s. Combine that with the Oriental rug and the Asian silks that can be found in the room and you will feel like you are surrounded by luxury.

In addition to the two master suites, there is a third bedroom that is also well appointed. All of the rooms in the villa have modern amenities such as air conditioning, satellite television and iPod docks. The rooms and the villa are the perfect mix of modern technology with old world charm.

The Region

Guests at the villa will find plenty of things to do. You can spend your day at a pristine beach or you can lounge by the swimming pool at the villa. If you want to explore the local flora and fauna, you will see a beautiful mix of plant and wildlife that you may not find anywhere else. Take a tour of the island to see everything.
The local residents are also ready to entertain and serve the guests of the villa. From local music and dancing to the displays of amazing artwork being sold by street vendors, there are plenty of things that will keep a guest occupied.

The Villa  has an international chef to prepare some find meals for anyone that stays at the villa. The area of Seminyak also has plenty of places that serve a variety of different cuisines for anyone that wants to try them.

If you are planning to get married or want to celebrate your honeymoon, or just want to take a one of a kind holiday, Bali has something to offer. Combine it with the luxury of the Villa Oost Indies and you have the perfect combination.

Whether you are looking for a romantic holiday spot or if you want something that the whole family will enjoy. The beautiful beaches, the scenic mountains and the amazing cultural influence of the residents of Bali make it a wonderful place for a getaway but a stay at Villa Oost Indies will make it a memorable one.


For more information and how to book Villa Oost Indies please get in touch with our friends at Ministry of Villas.

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