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Viceroy is Heaven in Ubud

MAJESTIC! The first word that came to mind as I entered the lobby of Viceroy, the luxurious hotel in Ubud, Bali.

Standing in awe of its grandeur I was completely shocked to be informed I had been upgraded to not only a better room but to The Viceroy Villa, known to some as the Presidential Villa.

The Grandeur

Through the doors and into the Villa…I am left completely…SPEECHLESS! A first for me I know. Haha!

The Mel Travelled Office

Viceroy sits on the hillside of the Petanu River gorge along Bali’s “Valley of the Kings” an appellation given by locals for the generations of Balinese royalty who have resided in nearby villages. And I am sure if that royalty were able to choose where they were to reside nowadays, they would most certainly pick the regal Viceroy.


Cascading Hillside

After an hour or two of taking in the scenery it is now time for dinner in the award winning Cascades Restaurant. With a French Inspired menu I can’t help being more than a little excited to taste a different palette of flavours other than the typical Balinese food I have consumed over the past fortnight. 1,2 ,3 courses down and I think I have just eaten the best dinner of my life!

And I do love my food…maybe a little too much and maybe even more so the wine! Thankfully Viceroy has an extensive wine list and I am extremely happy about that too, just quietly! It feels like months since I had a nice wine.

Melt in your mouth Scallops

With its fine dining awards and stunning views it is no wonder gourmet foodies travel far and wide to dine here. Some foodies have actually been known to have flown in by Helicopter as Viceroy even has its own Helipad. Yes, I did say HELIPAD!

With Viceroy situated minutes to the busy streets of Ubud, I have a driver organised and I reluctantly head in for a look around. I do say reluctantly as I am finding it very difficult to leave my little piece of heaven.

However, I did give in to a 1 hour massage @ Reflexology Bali thanks to the gorgeous owner Dewi. Undoubtedly, the best reflexology in the region. I felt as though I was walking on a cloud when the therapist had finished with me.

I feel fantastic and if you are ever in Ubud then this clinic is a must!


Just to prove to you all that I didn’t get to comfortable lazing in my private ‘Upgraded’ villa, I did embark on a ‘Balinese Offering Lesson’ which the attentive Viceroy staff happily organised for me. I was taken into a neighbouring village and shown how to make these decorative offering baskets that the Balinese give to their Hindu Gods each day.

I thought I was pretty good at arts and crafts…until now!

The end result…Voila!

While I organised that class I also had the staff find me a Yoga teacher for a private lesson in my Villa. Since I didn’t want to leave. Let me just say this once…WOW!

The doorbell rang and here entered…Nyomen, a Seventy Seven year old Balinese Yoga teacher that begun practicing Yoga in 1958. I am not kidding you. This man is a Supernatural Yogi God.


My 77 yo Hero Nyomen


 In the name of research, I also spent some time, two hours to be exact, in Lembah Spa. I would not be doing my job if I didn’t experience EVERYTHING here at Viceroy. That would be irresponsible of me wouldn’t it?

For You Viceroy! x



Surrounded by the relaxing, beautifully tranquil setting and with my massage, body scrub and flower bath complete I drifted off into what I now call, Viceroy Bliss! The Viceroy Bliss is not something that can be found on a menu but you will undoubtedly find it within!

Undescribable Beuty of the Lembah Spa

A big thankyou goes to Anthony and all your staff at Viceroy (even the little Yoga man) for allowing me to experience and share The Viceroy Bliss! X

Is a stapler cheating?


My Villa Living Room

My Private Pool Dreamland for a Princess

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