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Uma & Leopold, the Sustainable Brand in Bali

Plastic bags are definitely a huge issue but every year, an estimated of 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide, and this cassava-based ecobags are the perfect replacement to mitigate this bad worldwide epidemic. These are made from purely
100% bio-based material and it is also widely considered as one of the lowest cost for cassava-based

“We’ve been using this eco-friendly packaging for a long time now. First we started to use them in our
warehouse and in our shops for storage and also we use them for our online shop for packing the
garments. It’s good to see that many designers started to follow this trend. We not just show a good
example but we are trying to educate the people also to do the same. Our Earth has given us so much
already, it’s our time to look after.”

Uma and Leopold is using eco-friendly packaging provided by Avani Eco.

Well done Uma and Leopold! We all have to follow this amazing brand and give back to our motherland!

Please visit their website for their beautiful range and philosophy HERE. The Sustainable Choice!


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