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The Good Karma Of Jimbaran Bay

Karma or what?
Now in Jimbaran Bay staying at the gorgeous Karma Resort and have been unable to truly enjoy any meal for the past week thanks to our beloved Bali Belly and from running around Bali like a crazy woman, all in the name of Mel Travelled.
I am exhausted.

My Villa of Rest

However I can’t think of a nicer place to be right now. Tucked away in Jimbaran Bay I have my own private villa, a two storey residence with a beautifully detached living area ( a favourite design of mine) and pool, so really there is no need for me to leave and get some rest. Yeah right…
The Jimbaran Sunset
As the sun goes down I thought there would be no way in the world to miss the beautiful sunset of Jimbaran Bay and luckily in this lethargic state I am in, it is only across the road.
Here I find a beautiful sunlit, white beach which wraps around as far as my eye can see.
Strewn with Seafood restaurants, people come from all over to dig their feet in the sand and eat the freshest of seafood.
Unfortunately for me I am steering clear of any flavours right now and am opting for my  diet of Steamed Rice.
It doesn’t mean that it’s any less special for me here at all, as the view of this picturesque landscape is more than enough to satisfy me.
Just like the Pied Piper, I now follow the sound of instruments back to my resorts ‘Karma Lounge’.
Balinese dancers and musicians have put on an intimate, display of Traditional Bali customs to the delights of a very appreciative audience.
For me however, it is time to head back along these beautifully landscaped pathways and relax yet again in my Villa.
Karma Jimbaran you are exactly what I needed and I thank all of your staff for being your caring selves.

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