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Puri Cendana – Perfect for Budget Bali

Cosy enough for two

Not a bad little find in Seminyak at $50 per night and only a two minute walk to the beach. PERFECTO!

If security is an issue then maybe this isn’t the place for you!!! Padlocks for the outside and a tiny little wooden bar for inside, however after I had travelled through a great part of Bali at this point it wasn’t hard to feel completely safe here.

Finding myself  in many a conversation with the staff I could see why many families stayed here. Pool area is more like the pool I grew up with in my parents yard but it does do the trick. Free Wifi (extremely importan to me) and some over zealous wait staff from the adjoining restaurant kept me there for a good number of hours.And the fact that I have been writing these stories whilst on the road…

Generally I am overcome with excitement to tell you about the rooms…unfortunately not this time…The rooms are pretty basic but as we all know…you get what you pay for. There really isn’t too much to this place but in the big scope of things it really is quite central to all the shopping, beaches and night life.

If you are a semi-budget conscious traveller then this is the place for you I recommend.

It is located approx. 25mins from the airport-

Hotel Puri Cendana

Jl. Abimayu, Seminyak

Bali – Indonesia

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