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New Bali restaurant deal for Bondi icon Maurice Terzini

MAURICE Terzini will be spending more time in Bali this year. Sydney’s A-list restaurateur, whose Bondi Beach establishment Icebergs Dining Room and Bar, is a pit stop for all visiting celebrities, has signed a deal to take his Da Orazio brand of low key eateries to Bali.

It will be an addition to Bali’s newest edgy restaurant precinct to Kerobakan, in the Seminyak region, where some of the most interesting restaurants, including Sardine and Motel Mexicola, are situated in the resort isle.

With plans for Icebergs Beach Club, which was to have been a partnership with Sent-osa Worldwide Resorts temporarily put on hold, Terzini says that he is “going straight to plan B” which is to open a Bali branch of his very successful Da Orazio Pizza and Porchetta (in Hall St, Bondi).

“We are just calling it Da Orazio because we want to be able to keep the menu open to all types of food,” Terzini says. “It will open this year.”

It is named after chef Ora-zio D’Elia, who has been a long time collaborator at Icebergs as well as looking after this eponymous Bondi venue, and he will also travel to Bali to supervise the food there.

“We will also bring in other people from time to time,” Terzini says.

Meanwhile, Terzini has ­already picked out the architect for the new site. It’s Italian design star Carl Pickering, of Lazzarini and Pickering, who was responsible for Icebergs’ decor and has also worked with the Fendi and Burberry brands.

“I’ve been coming to Bali for three decades and it feels the right time to be able to spend a little more time there, ­especially with my youngest son, Cez, (Caesar was born on New Year’s Day 2014 to Terzini’s partner fashion designer, Lucy Hinckfuss) so young,” he said.

Terzini signed on another business partner around six months ago — former publishing magnate Deke Miskin.

Source – The Daily Telegraph

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