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My Safari Journey

Safari and Marine Park

I felt this experience raised many issues within myself and the issue of animal conservation. However, the park promotes itself on the education of animal conservation and environmental awareness which was the main drawcard for me here but I can only share my story and leave you to make your own decision…
With bus loads of Japanese tourists my driver which I hired for the day gets me to the front of the queue where I hand over a steep $30AUD entry fee. Yes it does feel a little pricey if you compare it with the normal price of everything in Bali but it is a TOURIST park afterall.

Through the turnstiles I line up to catch a little bus that takes me to the parks main entrance of the zoo basically. I hate line-ups! Especially when I had no idea where I was actually going! With a two minute drive I was then at another entrance which was where I was going to find all my beloved animals or so I thought.

Walking into the park I felt a sense of what I could only describe as emptiness.

Where to?

As I looked for signs of where animals and times some shows were on I make my way to the Orangutan Photo area. You may have noticed previously that I have a weird fascination with monkeys, especially Orangutans as I am sure many of us are.

The Stunning Macau


Not in the mood today!

So I was just a little (ok extremely) excited to be able to get up close and have a photo with such an amazing creature with many similarities to me! When I got there however I was saddened and I really mean saddened as my little Ranga friend is apparently taking a rest.I am aware that every living creature on this earth needs a rest but it seemed the entire park was resting. There were kids upset because the Camels were resting so they couldn’t go on a ride which is probably a good thing. The Elephant education show was so short I missed it as it went for less than 10 minutes.


Beautiful Bengal Couple

The park just seemed lifeless and disorganized but I did get to see a Bengal Tiger and managed to get over my fear of snakes. Kind of! I felt as though I had to try holding this huge Python so I could take something away from this experience as I was not sure what was ahead of me.

A big reason I came here apart from the education aspect of the animals was for the ‘Safari Tour’ which takes you through the park by bus so you can get upclose to all the animals in there supposed natural habitat.

Trying to forget about the previous thoughts of the park I was actually looking forward to this little Safari. So much so I even bought myself a Safari hat!

Safari Mel

Look out David Attenborough… Safari Mel is coming to get you!

The Safari Journey around the park took thirty minutes and the animals are separated into their origin in which the came, yet their habitat’s were all pretty much identical to me.

All Aboard!

Here I am in a bus full of tourists all trying to lean over each other to get the best photo of each and every animal. And here I am, the serious photographer (well trying) struggling to get a good shot. Just when everyone is out of the way and I have my moment…the bus takes off. Grrr!

I didn’t really find any great ‘Kodak Moments’ however as I felt the animals looked lifeless really. There were orangutans, elephants, tigers, lions, cheetah, rhino, water buffalo, deer, ostrich, zebra, hippo and a few others including an owl that actually looked like a cardboard cut out. Hmm…

I hope this is the last bus today!

Water Buffalo

I know that most of these animals are not up to much during the daytime but they just didn’t seem happy to me and I felt somewhat sad for them. Almost guilty for being there.

As for the getting up close and personal aspect…well that wasn’t going to happen either as the buses are enclosed for safety. But then I see a bus in front of me where they passengers are feeding carrots to the Zebras and I was left a little confused as that is what I thought this Safari was all about.

I was then told that those ‘Special’ buses were for the guests of the Safari Lodge which is the parks resort.

The Elephants Habitat

So was there that feeling of being a little uninformed and out of pocket?


I have heard that the restaurant here is wonderful and the show called ‘Bali Agung’ is a must see but I came here only for the animals and my experience was extremely disappointing!

Suffice to say I am not saying you shouldn’t visit the park. I am just expressing my opinion as you may think otherwise…and I actually hope you do!

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