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Mother and Daughter die in Bali

A mother and her teenage daughter from Australia died early Saturday morning after a suspected food allergy in Padang Bai, East Bali.

A spokesman from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) confirmed the death on Saturday evening.

According to the spokesman the pair, Noelene Bischoff, aged 54 and Yvan Jeana Yuri Bischoff, 14, were from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Local police sources said the pair checked into a beachfront resort in Padang Bai on Friday.

Early Saturday morning the girl asked staff at the resort for help as her mother had suddenly fallen ill. Both the girl and her mother were taken in a private ambulance to a local clinic when at about 1.45 am local time the mother was pronounced dead.

The girl was then rushed to BIMC, however despite being conscious and able to speak to doctors on arrival she was later pronounced dead.

According to one police source, both bodies are awaiting autopsy results at Sanglah.

“Checking the scene, we found lots of medicine, we can’t confirm the cause of death yet,” he said.

Another police source says the doctor at the first clinic in Padang Bai suspected a food allergy. It was also reported that the pair had eaten fish at a local restaurant earlier that night. The manager of the restaurant was contacted by press and denied anything served at his restaurant was the cause, saying that many other guests had also eaten the same dishes as the mother and the child.

“All the medicines found in their room were from abroad. The vomit and medicine have been taken to a forensic laboratory,” said the police source.

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