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Language of the Locals

Island Of Smiles

Thought I would share a few words with you to help you mingle with locals. I feel there is no point being in a different country without learning some of their language.

So here you go- I will add the more I learn for you!

Good morning –          Selamat pagi

Good afternoon –       Selamat sore

Good night –                 Selamat malam

How are you? –             Kenken karbare

Thankyou –                    Terima kasih

Good –                              Bugus

Bad –                                  Tidak

Man/ Woman –              Laki/ Perempuan

Right/ Left –                    Kanan/ Kiri

Hot/ Cold –                      Panas/ Dingin

This one is a great one to remeber however I am not sure the spelling but will sound it out for you-

Sing la pis – I have no money!

Ma am – Sorry

Put the two together and you will have – Sorry I have no money! (Don’t forget that one)

Have you got any words to add?

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