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Health Alert for Measles Outbreak

The Health Department has issued a warning after four West Australians returned home from Bali with measles.

The highly-infectious disease is spread through respiration and can lead to hospitalisation and inflammation of the brain.

The Department’s Paul Armstrong says anyone who may have come into contact with the affected people should watch out for symptoms such as a fever and cough, followed by a rash.

“One of the cases was a worker on Barrow Island and the Public Health Unit has been following those people up on Barrow Island to make sure they’re well aware,” he said.

“The other three cases live in Perth and those other cases have been to a number of emergency departments and general practice surgeries.”

Mr Armstrong said the disease starts with the cough and sore throat, scratchy eyes and fever and then about four days later the blotchy red rash develops.

“The symptoms of measles develop around seven to 10 to 14 days after somebody is exposed to measles,” he said.



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