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Have Rice Day

Working The Rice Paddies

How many times do we pass a Rice Paddy without sparing a thought to the farmers?

Well not anymore…Not since I decided to get out there amongst a paddy to feel what it is like.

Off stable ground I step foot on to the field, yet my feet keep sinking lower and lower like quicksand. A little scared, I began to relax and let the Earth eat me up until I the mud reached the top of me knee caps.


It is murky, squishy between your toes with a frog here and there … and keeping your balance is a necessity (especially for the vertically challenged like myself) as falling over here is not an option.

Yet somehow these farmers walk or trudge being a better word, around in this all day. How the @#$%  do they do it? I TAKE MY HAT OFF TO THEM. Yes…the one I am wearing here!

What Friggin’ Hard Work!

Have a rice day…

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