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High Tea at Biku Bali

Bali Biku

High Tea in Bali. Really?

Yes! And I am not talking about an Indonesian High Tea either. I am talking about the real deal!

I may not be very posh or even close to having near enough etiquette classes as a child but I do appreciate a good Tea and Scone and I hate to admit but I have somehow acquired a taste for a cucumber sandwich. I am blaming my Mother for that or maybe that should be my Grandmother?

Yes it is on a lean but hey…it is Bali!

With all of my research about Bali while I’ve been here I stumbled upon this High Tea treasure called Bali Biku. Another good find in Seminyak. Filled with Victorian inspired furniture and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling it has a really warm appeal to it.

There is a variety of food on the Menu here so you can satisfy your Man’s belly while you devour the three tiered High Tea assortment of Scones and Jam, Sandwiches, Cakes and not forgetting to mention your choice of Tea.

Olivia looking pretty happy!

I would generally assume this venue to be filled with tea sipping females but as I looked around the ratio had to have been 50/50 so guys don’t be afraid when your girl wants to visit Bali Biku. Just be afraid when she says she never wants to leave!

Details and Map – Click Here!

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