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Tips from Biggest Losers Shannon

“You Play, You Pay”

Says our Shannon from Australia’s Biggest Loser series.

Shannon is in Bali having a few well deserved weeks off inbetween filming seasons but that doesn’t mean he can afford to let himself go either.

He must return to Australia for media commitments so he needs to remain inshape during his time holidaying in beautiful Bali.

As we all do in Bali… we tend to indulge in a Bintang  or two and so does Shannon, yet even after a late night socialising you can always find him up and training early in the morning. As Shannon says “It is all about Balance”.

I did ask Shannon what his tips are to maintain our weight while on holidays in Bali. Just to share with you.

Shannon’s Top Five Tips to Maintain Holiday Weight

  • Beware of Tropical Fruit – such as Pineapples which are loaded with sugar and Coconuts are full of fat. However a good fat…Everything in moderation
  • Stay away from those Buffet Breakfasts – you don’t NEED to eat the food just because it is there
  • Eat the local fresh produce – Learn how the Balinese cook their Fish, Vegetables and Salads
  • Walk – get out there and walk around your new area and learn about the Balinese Culture
  • Late Night Out? That’s ok…but get up and keep moving!

While Shannon is in town you may find him training at Seaside Fitness in Legian next to ‘Lanai Cafe’ and having a Bintang watching the sunset at ‘The Crystal Palace’ on the beach in Legian also. If you visit there make sure you say Hi to the owner Greg.

The Crystal Palace, Legian


Cheers to that Shan. Bintang?

Happy Holidaying!

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  1. rhank you for this post. I will be trying it out

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