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Double Bay’s Mrs Sippy to open in Bali

Double Bay’s Mrs Sippy will join the growing band of Sydney ventures headed to Bali.

The new spin-off venue, Mrs Sippy Pool Club, is slated for an early 2015 opening. Mrs Sippy co-owner Ben May confirmed they’ve nabbed a block directly behind Bali’s popular Potato Head Beach Club and have already started clearing the site for building work. Low wages and modest building costs, coupled with a large international dining market, has seen an influx of Australian operators to the tourist hotspot.

Recent arrivals include former Pier chef Steven Skelly’s Urchin restaurant, Bucket List owner Andy Ruwald’s involvement with Motel Mexicola and former North Bondi Italian Food chef Robert Marchetti, who has teamed up with the Double Six Hotel. Marchetti’s former business partner, Maurice Terzini, is also punting on Bali, opening Icebergs Beach Club Canggu, early next year.

May says the island has competitive advantages over Australia, including building costs around 30┬áper cent of what he’d expect to pay in Australia. Not that he’s using it as an excuse to build a fortress. “We want to touch the land really lightly. And it’ll have a pool so people can just hang out.”

Source – Good Food

Image -Tamara Dean

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