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Bali Niksoma is Luxury in Legian

Niksoma On The Beach Working my way North from Kuta I have had the pleasure of staying at the Niksoma Luxury Beach Boutique Resort in Legian which is the perfect location to watch the beautiful sunsets of Bali. It may feel as though you are one minute away from the crowds but you definitely get a different vibe here. Greeted at the lobby with a welcome drink you will begin to feel what the Niksoma is about. And that is what I call service! Within two minutes of arriving at my room I received a fruit basket followed by another welcome cocktail. It consisted of simple ginger-ale and peppermint liquor. Did someone tell them I was coming? Oh and I can’t forget to mention that I received a complimentary 10 minute head and shoulder massage at the Niksoma Spa.

swimming pool at niksoma resort Amazing Pool

Now with a little relaxing by the pool area I have to admit, it is a VERY impressive pool. A top level infinity with its water over spilling onto the bottom level makes it difficult for passersby not stop for a glimpse as the walk along the beach strip of Legian. It is outright eye catching!

The Bar Area with Beanbags…Relax & Enjoy the View!Niksoma Bar
Timing my stay perfectly, I am now to be introduced to the delicacies of an Indonesian High Tea within the Hotel. Niksoma offers this to guests every Wednesday and Friday as a gesture and what a gesture it is.
Indonesian High Tea by The Pool With my cup of tea in my hand I am challenged to try everything I can on that table (ok so it was me. I challenged myself). And I am so happy I did!

You won’t find anything even close to a scone here but you will open yourself up to a whole new world of Indonesian sweets. My favourite being the ‘Dadar Gulung’. A rolled pancake with shredded coconut and palm sugar. Simple and so so so good!

My Favourite of Pancakes

So much so I don’t think I gave anybody else a chance to have any! Niksoma is set on 1 hectare of open space land with 53 rooms creating the boutique feel. The location of it being on the beach in Legian is ideal for someone wanting to be away from the Kuta mania yet near to it at the same time. Details- The Niksoma is located (20min drive from the airport) – Beachfront Location -Buffet Breakfast included with price -Infinity Pool -Inhouse Spa / Gym/ Sauna -Couples atmosphere -Friendly staff

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