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Baby bumps and the changing self

It takes a baby bump and a healthy frame of being to realise how amazing life can be. Finding the simple things more satisfying then ever before.
If you don’t make time for yourself then you don’t have time to find what makes you happy. Not trying to go out every spare moment on a weekend has given me that time.
Life has become more about mine and my family’s happiness than worrying about other peoples expectations of me.I don’t have time for people that don’t bother helping themselves anymore. I am beginning to see the real personalities in friends that I am no longer wanting to share my life with and beginning to surround myself with others I do.
People that are uplifting, low maintenance, non judgmental and simply happy. Content within themselves.It’s funny how being sober can change your entire perspective on what life is about and whom to share it with.
Professional life is also targeted as I now want to create something successful for myself and more importantly my family.
The game changes and the focus shifts… on to the the baby bump and being the best Mumma I can be.
Is this NORMAL? Guess I’ll find out!

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