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Baba’s Restaurant of Hu’u Bar

With some research into this trip I had heard of Hu’u Bars adjoing Baba’s Restaurant several times and knew it was one venue I had to check out for myself.

Walking through the doors it feels almost ‘Alice in Wonderland Goes Mod’ in terms of style as Hu’u Bars modern decor spills out on to the outdoor dining area of Baba’s Garden Party.


The food is an Asian Fusion influence which has encapsulated the true definition of Baba.

What does it mean you ask? Baba’s were apparently men that may have an Asian background, an English or European heritage, however essentially have an Asian mix. Whatever it is they were cool and if they still exist then this is where you’d find them.

Yep, right here at Baba’s kicking back, sipping cocktails, eating some Begadil Jagung (Corn Cakes) and turning up the heat with Baba’s absolutely scrumptious signature ‘Singaporean Laksa’. Oh, wait that’s me but I am sure they would have behaved exactly the same.

Let me just tell you that this goes down for the record as the best Laksa I have eaten…slightly spicy but lick the bowl deliciousness!



KIDS? Great the little Baba VIP’s can enjoy too as there is a pool they can cool down in, plenty of space to roam and I have been told they have the BEST Mini Burgers around!

Located in a prime location on Jl Petitinget, Seminyak and easy to find on the corner you will definitely enjoy a visit to Baba’s.

Checkout the Menu here. and for those that fancy themselves a Chef in the kitchen, here is a Baba’s Nasi Ayam Singapura recipe just for you.



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