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A Villa Big Enough to Take Your Family and Friends

Enjoy a Relaxing Holiday with Family or Friends in this 7 Bedroom Canggu Villas

Bali ┬áis a province of Indonesia with over 4 million people that live here. The island is known for its amazing scenery, beautiful beaches and incredible views, while the people are known for their creativity of dance and the arts. A holiday here allows visitors to enjoy a wide variety of things in ways they cannot do anywhere else. In order to fully enjoy Bali, it’s important to find the right place to stay.


Avalon Bali Villa,located in Canggu offers visitors many great options for your stay with several configurations to choose from. It includes:

  • 7 bedroom villas that can be configured in many different ways to fit the needs of the guest. The villas consist of a 4 bedroom main villa, 2 bedroom guest villa and one bedroom luxury villa.
  • The villas can be configured as a 7 bedroom, 6 bedroom, 5 bedroom, 4 bedroom, 2 bedroom or 1 bedroom for the guests with each villa having it’s own private pool.

The rooms at Avalon Bali are well equipped and stocked with the finest towels and linen for the ultimate comfort with Flat screen TV’s and Blu-ray DVD players for when you simply want to relax in house . The Guest House Villa also provides great privacy for those guests wanting a more intimate dining experience with a view and sounds of cascading pool to enjoy.

The villas offer all of the amenities that guests would expect and Staff on hand to meet your needs. Which besides your Butler, include –

  • Estate Manager
  • Executive Chef
  • Housekeeping
  • Gardening
  • Engineering
  • Security

About the Region

In addition to the natural beauty, the cultural beauty of this island is also worth taking in. The local artists will show off their talent for visitors in both planned and even unplanned shows. Check with the staff at the villa to find out what shows and entertainment is available when you are visiting there.

It is impossible not to be taken in by the romantic and fun atmosphere that encompasses the island of Bali. Choosing to stay at Avalon Bali will only enhance your perfect Island Getaway.

For details please visit the Avalon Bali website. Click Here

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