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Adi Dharma Beginnings

Is the smell of this tropical paradise called Bali as you exit through the doors of the airport.

With my name ‘Cook’ displayed on a signboard, almost equivalent to the size of a welcoming banner I am met with my driver to transport me to my first stop on this adventure.

Through the bright lights and chaotic traffic of Kuta we arrive at the Adi Dharma Hotel. Thankgod I am not driving! It is what I expected to see as a traditional hotel in this area. With all the wood carvings and elaborate arrangements of fresh flowers it is what I would want to see from a Balinese hotel.

Now with my keys in hand and my bags taken to the room by the porter I head for the bar for a ‘Welcoming Drink’ that is given to all new guests. I would like to think I was special but nope, everyone gets one!

I would also tell you that the bar has free wifi and that is the only reason I am sitting here but…I hear a Bintang calling my name ever so quietly.

After a well deserved (really it was) sleep I awoke to the smell of the buffet breakfast and have headed for the pool. It is quite humid here so a swim can actually feel more refreshing than a shower.


The Adi Dharma pool is surrounded by deck chairs and beautifully maintained gardens. It really gives you the feeling that you are now able to detach from the world and leave all your worries at home.

The swim up pool bar might also help you to do this but it is a little too early for that! Even for me! Haha!

The Dutch influence survives in Bali

Staying at The Adi Dharma is a perfect place to start out here as it is close to many of the typical tourist hangouts. Especially if it is your first time in Bali. The ever so narrow streets are lined with markets and stall owners trying hard to vie for your attention  that you will undoubtedly find  yourself haggling over a bargain.

I found even myself walking straight out to a market  out front of the hotel just to buy something to wear for today and a new pair of sunnies, Ray Bans (the real fake thing). One dress and sunnies = $10AUD.

How can you not?

Now sitting at the bar…yes because of the Wifi, I am about to experience a 3 hours Spa treatment at the inhouse spa… will keep you guessing how I am going to feel in a few hours…and I will leave these details for another post shall I?

Don’t want to make you all jealous now do I!

The staff at Adi Dharma are so amazingly welcoming that when I asked about a Yoga class I was invited in to class, in which I thought at the time was for hotel guests but actually turned out to be a class that the all the staff here take on certain mornings at 7am in a meditation room.

So here we were practising a very different form of Yoga before we then were joined by other staff members to pray and chant to the Hindu God’s for their blessings. I can only wonder what was going through the minds of the staff here, especially because I am so unco-ordinated!

What was thought to be a physical activity became so much more of a Spiritual one and honestly, what a beautiful way to begin your day!  And what a great experience to have had before my checkout of the Adi Dharma.

Leaving the Adi Dharma even after only 2 days I feel as though I I had become friends with certain staff members and was even given, to my suprise, a gift on my departure.


-The Adi Dharma is located (15min drive from the airport) –

-Buffet Breakfast included with price

-Pool with swim up bar

-Inhouse Spa

-Close to Tourist District

-Family atmosphere

-Friendly staff

MT Recommendation Rating –  /5

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