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Coolest Airbnb villas in Bali

Tired of staying at your typical cookie-cutter hotel? Want something different from a commercialized villa?

Bali is a hidden trove of accommodations that one might not find out on the usual travel sites.

Have you thought of “renting” a private villa, be it just a room, or an entire Balinese home for your vacation?

You get a unique experience, privacy, and a human touch.

We scoured and found the best 11 villas in Bali you can get on Airbnb for your special homestay!

1. Live amongst animals at Villa Zoo

If you’re quite the animal lover and would truly enjoy the experience of wildlife and mother nature, why not check out this villa zoo?

Villa Zoo Exterior-inpainted

The name says it all – it’s a mini zoo and also a place for you to rest for the night.

With deer and emu roaming around, don’t be surprised to find one staring right at you from your window the moment you wake!

There’s even an alligator (don’t worry, it’s safe in a pit) for you to gawk at.


Each villa is also beautifully decorated to fit this theme, with animals paintings dotting the various rooms!

Villa Zoo Bedroom-inpainted

Villa Zoo

USD $82/night

Location: Bukit, Bali, Indonesia

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2. Relax in this luxury Minimalist Villa, with a huge swan in the pool!

An almost-perfect luxury minimalist villa is now up for rent!

Enter the secluded private villa to be greeted by a swimming pool with a huge swan – ideal for lazy afternoons when you want to relax and float into your dreams.

Minimalist Villa Swan-inpainted

Minimalist Villa Day Pool-inpainted

If floating on the pool is not your thing, you can also choose to rest in a hammock or even suntan on the two daybeds beside the pool, in the luscious green garden.

Minimalist VIlla Pool Night-inpainted

It’s the perfect villa for the holiday you’ve been saving up for – to have a ball of fun with your friends!

Minimalist Villa

USD $239/night

Location: Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

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3. Feel like a mermaid at this Water Villa

Do you love water? Is soaking in cool calm water your favourite pastime, and you wish you were born a mermaid?

Water Villa Outside View-inpainted

If so, you’ll love this exotic water villa, one of the rare villas you’ll find in Bali that’s completely surrounded by water.


In fact, the first thing that greets you upon entering the villa is the pool!

laksamana airbnb

You also get two huge comfy beanbags for nights when you just want to soak your feet in the water and admire the starry night sky.

Water Villa Overview Outside


Water Villa

USD $212/night

Location: Jalan Kayu Aya, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

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4. Laze in the rice fields at Bamboo Eco Cottage

Bali is known for its scenic paddy fields, and what better place to stay than in the middle of it all, snuggling in a cozy cottage made of bamboo?

Bamboo Eco House Bedroom Interior-inpainted

Complete with a patio, it’s time to dream of hosting your own candlelight dinner right in front of the rice fields, or even having a peaceful sunrise breakfast in your pajamas.

Bamboo Eco House Patio

If you’re a social media butterfly, you be the envy of your followers when you take a peaceful stroll out in the rice fields and capture a few shots while in the midst of it!

Bamboo Eco House Rice Fields-inpainted

Bamboo Eco Cottage

USD $65/night

Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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5. Live in Alice’s wonderland at this Looking Glass house

Are you a lover of whimsical fantasies, white rabbits and a little bit of randomness?


If you are, you’ll fall in love with this sweet little cottage that proves to be the perfect place for a girly holiday or a hen’s party in Bali!


Feel at home with all the little whimsical touches on the doors and furniture’s, which will charm you with its mini wonderland vibe.


This peculiar homestay is also located right in front of the monkey forest, so don’t be surprised to be greeted by some banana-grabbing guests who will swing by and invite themselves in early morning!

Looking Glass house

USD $79/night

Location: Jalan Nyuh Bojog No, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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6. Budget and adventure at Le Pirate Beach Club Hotel, Nusa Ceningan

These modern and cosy Beach Boxes are tucked away in Nusa Ceningan, a forgotten exotic island paradise near the main island of Bali.

le pirate airbnb 2

Fitted with a comfortable double bed, wall fan, shaded deck and outdoor bathroom (cold water only), you get to enjoy a budget yet unique experience far away from the tourist crowd in Bali.

le pirate official

You will also be greeted with beautiful views of the lagoon, with the beach only 10 steps away from your bed.

le pirate

The Beach Club offers set-buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you have access to facilities such as the pool, pool bar, sun lounges, tennis table, petanque, board games and wifi. Bicycles and paddle canoe are also available for rent.

le pirate airbnb

To get to Nusa Ceningan, you have to cross the famous yellow suspension bridge from Nusa Lembongan, which is accessible from the main island of Bali by boat (the boat journey will take at least half an hour).

On the island, you can explore the scenic routes by motorbike, or do cliff-jumping into its crystal clear Blue Lagoon.

Le Pirate Beach Club Hotel, Nusa Ceningan

from USD $58/night

Location : Nusa Ceningan Island

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7. Seek seclusion at Balian Treehouse, Balian Beach

Have you always had a secret wish to escape to the middle of nowhere?

balian tree house

This secluded little treehouse lodge in Balian village located along the coastline offers you the best privacy you can imagine.

You have no direct neighbours, apart from the garden and the ocean.

Built as a private holiday home by a Holland-based photographer, the “mushroom villa” (as the locals call it) gives you a very homely experience, different from a typical villa or resort stay.

balian tree house 1

From the veranda overlooking the huge garden and palmtrees, you can watch the sunrise in the morning, and enjoy the view of the ocean. 

You even have a private pool in the garden!

balian tree house 3

The decor of the house is mostly natural – such as driftwood picked up from the beach.

balian tree house 2

Everywhere you need to get to within the village is within walking distance, but you can also rent a bike to sightsee outside the village. Nice and affordable local food is also available at the night market nearby.

The beach is also readily accessible via a small dirt road from the house.

You can even pick your own coconuts here!

Balian Treehouse, Balian Beach

from USD $70/night

Location : Balian Beach, Selemadeg Barat, Indonesia

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8. Sandat Glamping Tents – Camping in Tents (sort of)

Ever wanted to be part of the crowd who goes around boasting about their outdoor adventures and being a proud survivor of camping in tents?

Sandat Glamping Individual Tent-inpainted

Well, now you can – without leaving the factor of comfort out! Ever heard of glamorous camping (glamping)?

Sandat Glamping at Night-inpainted

At Sandat Glamping Tents, you don’t ever need to give up the comforts of a nice comfortable bed and gorgeous interior.

Sandat Glamping Tents by Bali.mehthesheep

Each tent is even complete with a private pool!

Sandat Glamping Pool-inpainted

Who wouldn’t mind camping in a place this amazing for days?

Sandat Glamping Tents


Location: Jalan Subak Sala Banjar Sala Ubud

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9. Get inspired at this Artsy and traditional villa

With a unique feature art wall in the indoor dining area and little touches of Balinese tradition on the windows, you are bound to love the chic interior design of this villa!


Don’t you love this rounded window from one of the rooms that overlook the garden?

Artsy Villa Round Windo-inpainted

Definitely a rare sight in modern houses these days!

In a garden shaded by greenery, you can lay on the chairs for an afternoon nap or spend time with a great book you’ve always wanted to read.

Artsy Villa Pool Shady-inpainted

You also get a mini pool that’s not intended for any serious swimming, but for you to simply enjoy a rejuvenating soak in.

Where better to get some artistic or poetic inspiration while you’re enjoying these little things in life?

Artsy and Traditional Villa

USD $88/night

Location: Kerebokan North Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

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10. Bask in magnificent views at Villa Impossible – Villa on Stilts

Built on stilts at the edge of one of Uluwatu’s magnificent cliffs, Villa Impossible provides a mesmerising view of the endless sea line that is bound to make you feel like you’re in beach haven – one of the most amazing beachfront villas in Bali.


This spectacular view isn’t just available from the balcony, but also from the comforts of your bedroom where there’s huge windows for the sunlight to stream in.

Villa Impossible Bedroom Outdoor View-inpainted

You’re bound to be awaken by the sunrise with sunlight trickling into your room.

Villa Impossible at Sunset-inpainted

Villa Impossible – Villa on Stilts

USD $540/night

Location: Jl. Labuan Sait Pecak, Bali 80361, Indonesia

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11. For Tarzan and Jane: Natural Living Villa

Located in the jungle outside Ubud, this villa built with only natural materials blends in perfectly with the wilderness surrounds.

Natural Living villa bedroom-inpainted


Be amazed – this villa doesn’t only provide you a comfortable night stay, but is also furnished with a home theatre, a sauna and even a massage room!

Natural Living Villa Sauna-inpainted

And as we all know, no villa is ever complete without a pool.

Here, the tropical water pool is filled with water from the river – so you can imagine swimming in the natural streams, only of course without all the dirt!

Natural Living Villa Pool-inpainted

Natural Living Villa

USD $200/night

Location: Jalan Raya Siangan, Ubud, Bali

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