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Vision Villa’s Gianyar

On the road for higher ground I am headed to Vision Villa in Gianyar.

Vision Villa

It is a 1 hour drive from Seminyak and about 20 minutes from Ubud. To get a taxi It cost me about $25AUD which would not get me very far at all back home in Sydney.

I have a fascination for doors! Open or closed…

As I enter the better described retreat I feel this place to be one of reflection and personal enrichment with its landscape, strategically placed symbolic statues and it is so so quiet!

Something I am definitely NOT! Haha! Let’s see how long I last…

The Bedroom View

This could be a challenge for me! Especially as there is no TV and no smoking! Haha!

Overlooking Rice Paddies

With the view of rice paddies from the room though I think I can manage to succumb to my inner sanctum.

To help me to begin this though I did opt for a massage in the open air pavilion. I had to start somewhere right?

The Open Air Vision Spa

The sounds of birds and running fountains were almost a distraction for me oddly enough as by night here the quietness is like a deafening silence after coming here from the busy main tourist district of the Seminyak area.

The ever so relaxing pool

Within a couple of days I began to sense what all the guests come here for. Seclusion! It is such a tranquil environment that it gives you the perfect opportunity to simply do nothing but laze around the pool and read a book from The Visions own library which is actually Bali’s most comprehensive collection of Personal growth books

I felt as though I was able to disconnect from the normal world of me! If you knew me you would understand that this is extremely difficult for me as my phone and laptop is generally within reach but here I just didn’t care…If you called I am very sorry… NOT! I am finding my inner vision!

I will get back to you very soon! Really I will!

Such Oppulent Fountains


Traditional Balinese Architecture

Some very interesting information regarding the focus for Vision Villa is that the wonderful founders, Roger and Renate are connected and very active with the John Fawcett Foundation, whose selfless work has helped in restoring the eyesight of the many local Balinese people. They have been supporting the foundation since the opening of the resort.

This means your stay is directly contributing to the gift of vision in Bali. Vision comes in the form of both sight and insight, and their philosophy is summed up by the quote from Helen Keller, written on the wall of Vision Villas Resort:

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

And I choose the daring adventure! What do you choose?



You will find me here!



Or here sitting contemplating…


– Vision Villa is located 60 minute drive from Kuta and 20 mins from Ubud– click here for a map

– Breakfast is included in your Villa
– Spa Treatments available within your Villa
– Secluded and Tranquil Atmosphere

– Vision Library

– Pool

– Restaurant

For a trip to Ubud ask reception to organise a driver. They can arrange all types of activities during your stay!

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