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Monkeying Around In Ubud

Did you say you want a Banana?

Take Note this is the last photo you see of me in The Monkey Forest due to a mild phobia my travel buddy has with monkeys…haha!

Awww…just one cuddle?

On my own from this point I entered the Jalan Monkey Forest in Ubud which is home to over three hundred Macquees and let me tell you…they are a little bit intimidating, especially if you are on your own!

Stop it Mel! You are too funny!

I chose not to feed the Macquees any bananas as I would have struggled trying to take any photos but if you want them climbing all over you then this is a must.

No more photos! PLEEEASE!

So with my camera in hand I was getting so close to the monkeys that one of the big males hissed at me from behind. When I turned arouund he was only about 10cm from my head. I think he was after my camera…haha!

I think I looked like this when I was a baby!

These little creatures are so fascinating it was hard for me to not get too close. They are so human and so similar to my own family… kidding!

Could this be my family?

If you do head upto Ubud though I recommend you have a look as it is a sacred temple and a beautiful forest and is just one of the things you need to check off your Bali to do list basically.

TIP- Take of your jewellery and leave your personal belongings somewhere safe as these monkeys love shiny things and pockets!

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