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Tips for Departure and Arriving in Bali

Now your flights are booked and you have your Passport.

But if you have had your passport for some time I am hoping you checked that you you have more than 6 months until it expires? I may be someone that is on top of all things travel. However, when a busy life schedule gets on top of you this may just be one thing you overlook.

In this case I did but don’t panic just yet or so my flatmate had told me as I was an absolute mess when I realised, as you can get an Express Passport from the Passport Office in your state. You will just need to pay slightly more for it. Now that was close as I was flying out three days from when I had noticed. So here I start again…. You are now flying to bali with a Passport with atleast six months validity.


On Arrival

When you arrive in Bali Airport you will need to pay USD35 for your Visa. Bali allows 30 Days for a tourist Visa.

There maybe a new airport in Bali but I will say from experience that the crowds of holiday makers lining up for their VOA and Customs are the same as always and makes for a very long and tiring wait. What you can do these days is contact a company such as Bali Fast Track and you will be greeted at your arrival hall and guided straight past these queues through their VIP service. This will cost you $20 pp but this is priceless. Trust Me when I say you will thank me for this later.

Their service includes-

1. Meet & Greet with a name signboard upon arrival at the arrival gate before Visa on Arrival counter.
2. Handover visas or other essential documents / payment for VOA.
3. Escort through an inbound immigration booth.
4. Escort through customs clearance.
5. Assistance with negotiation of extra alcohol (limit of 1 litre).
6. Consultation advice for any of your needs.
Now you will be meet by your driver and yes that is another thing I recommend you do through your Hotel and you are off…off to take in the beauty and all things this Island of the Gods has to offer you.
For any more questions please just ask in the comments.
Safe Travelling X


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