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Paradise Found at Alila Manggis – East Bali


I arrived for a few nights at Alila Manggis, a seaside beach resort very close to the town of Candidasa.

It is a totally different environment to the usual tourist areas of Bali and it really is paradise up here and I am also completely surprised  by this hotel and the amazing things they offer here at Alila… EVERYTHING!

It is like activity central if you want it to be or a relaxing haven if you feel otherwise. From Cultural to Culinery experiences, the choice is yours.

A Slice of Paradise

The space is so spread out with Palm trees and lush green lawns that I just wanted to get my toes into. Hmmm… It sounds like ages since I stepped foot on grass doesn’t it? Haha! The pool caught my eye straight away so I made my bee line straight for it as it is just to inviting not to.

My Pool View- Everyone gets one!

Beautiful Balinese Architecture

For dinner make sure you ask for seating outside. The restaurant itself is well set out in a cascading style, that to me I am assuming is to replicate rice paddy fields, but sitting under the stars with my mutant Tiger Prawns was absolute bliss!

Now I just need a date…

Beautiful Fresh Seafood

Off to bed for me now as I have an early start at the local market in Kungklung (about 20mins from Manggis) to prepare for my cooking class, something Alila Manggis is well known for and now I know why.

The markets are so hectic here as you might imagine. Fruit, vegetables, spices, balinese sweets, nuts and they even have little chickens and pigs for sale which I wanted to take home with me…as one of them could end up as my next breakfast. Sorry to all my Vegetarian friends. Sad but True!


The Spices

The Anchovies…Not a fan of them…

There is definitely some interesting food here and so many colours it is difficult to know where to look.

Especially with a camera!

My shadow that followed me through the markets- Beautiful!

The Beans

The Sweets

This chicken ain’t going to cross the road!

For the class each of us Masterchef wannabees are given step by step instructions learning how to make a few different curries and dishes from scratch…with ALOT of taste testing along the way. With four of us in the class we followed the Alila Chef’s recipes closely and we may have not made any mistakes but we sure did make a mess! Oops!

Alilas renowned cooking class- Let’s begin!

All under control…

Or am I? Haha!


Now with the class over I am presented with my Alila Apron to take home and a Certificate of completion. See everyone my surname is Cook and now I really can cook!

Ahhh the fruits of our labour…YUM!


Now onto Yoga…How can I fit all this into one day!!! WOW!

And I have! Yoga was a private lesson in a pavilion overlooking the water. So with a reluctant bend or two (I am not very flexible at all, hence the Yoga in the first place) and the sounds of waves lapping on shore it is not hard to just lapse into a meditative state or in my case almost full asleep.

My Yoga Room

What a day! AlilaManggis I am never leaving! You have so many activities I can never leave!

My Manggis Paradise

Snorkelling…something I am passionate about and something that this area is known for. Looking out towards the Lombok Straight we anchor in ‘The Blue Lagoon’ and at that first moment I hit that water I was impressed.

Traditional Balinese Boats

The Colours of The Blue Lagoon

I had no idea the fish and coral here is so beautiful. Now I wish I had much more time here to explore these waters and even learn to Scuba Dive. It is that amazing!

Alila Manggis you will certainly see me again and so will your fish!

Thankyou for sharing your beauty with me!


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