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My heart broke in Bali

A short scooter ride through the back streets of Seminyak I made a visit to the YKPAOrphanage.

Decrepit and run down, I couldn’t begin to imagine what life would be like for the 24 children who through no choice of there own now call this place home.


As I walked through the doors armed with supplies of rice, lollies and colouring in pencils for the kids I was a little amazed as to how happy and grateful these children seem. It is quite confronting to think of how much I have by comparison yet still manage to complain.

If these kids can smile with nothing I have no reason with all the love that I have to be ungrateful!

Many of these kids have come from the streets where they have had to survive by begging for either a boss that gives them a space to sleep at night or even their families, who send them out to make money.

And sadly some of them such as a four week old baby have simply been disowned due to poverty.

My heart broke the moment I noticed the little baby laying in her bassinet. I had to walk outside to fight back the tears as I could’nt comprehend how a mother could leave her 4 week old daughter but without judgement… maybe there was no choice.

I nearly brought her home with me!

YPKA is a Indonesian non-profit organization which has been helping  these children since 2007. They give loving support, education and skills to have a greater opportunity in life in a safe and caring environment.

In a perfect world I would love for you visit YPKA on your next trip to Bali. Donations are ofcourse always needed but as I learnt while I was there…they need RICE…and always do!

If you aren’t able to pick up and food for them that is ok too as these beautiful children also very crafty and make some gorgeous things for you to buy.

What ever you can do will be greatly appreciated. Without such amazing people as the YPKA these children would not have a future.

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