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Just A Tip On Bali Belly!

As I sit here struggling to find the energy to type I thought I need to share with you ways in which to avoid this dreaded infection that could potentially ruin your precious time on this beautiful island.

It has been a just on one week now that I was struck down with this horrendous stomach bug which has left me with cramps, gastric, headaches, fever and all my energy completely drained. I just want it to STOP!

Missing home is an understatement right now, and I will be honest…I have been in tears, but cutting this adventure short is not an option. I know this will pass soon enough and I couldn’t imagine being on a plane feeling this way either.

Travelling around to many parts of Bali, I am more than aware of the Bali Belly issues and have been very careful yet somewhere and somehow it picked me…

I do have a sneaky suspiscion where I may have met this dark challenge though as for the sake of my writing I do try to experience a few different foods I would not normally consume back home…Ouch!


My Yummy Diet of Steamed Rice


I can’t eat anything now though (sigh!) and you may think I am having a ball with all my photos but trust me there is always a toilet close by!

Now with one weeks experience under my belt I will share a few tips on how to avoid Bali Belly and how to treat it if you are faced with it…and I really hope you don’t.

What is Bali Belly? It is a bacterial infection leaving you looking for the closet toilet!

How do you get it? You can get through food, water and even money handling (if you don’t wash your hands before you eat.

It is not that the food is bad in Bali at all. It is just that we have different levels of Bacteria that we are immune to and we are often so overzealous to try the wonderful foods of Bali that our bodies just don’t adapt quick enough.

How do you avoid it? As much as I have tried you can just be outright unlucky or take a few steps to reduce the risks such as-

  • ·         Wash your hands regularly (even money exchanging carries disease)
  • ·         Take Pro biotic Tablets such as Inner Health Plus before you come and bring an unopened bottle with you to take whilst here.
  • ·         Also try Yakult which you can buy from any Circle K store
  • ·         Don’t through your body into shock by eating new spices and tropical fruits immediately after you land here. YOUR BODY CAN’T ADAPT THAT FAST!
  • ·         Do NOT drink the water. Ice is not a problem especially in the hotels, etc as the Indonesian Government have regulations in place to ensure the quality of ice used….However I am not too certain about the ice used in market areas in which I, without a doubt picked up this awesome infection.
  • ·         Also carry some Anti-bacterial hand wash with you. It is always handy to have!

Your 24 Hour Bali Convenience Store

How to treat it

  • ·         Ride it out! Unfortunately you are left to the mercy of gods on this one so start praying!
  • ·         Drink lots of water (bottled only), Gatorades and Isotonic drinks
  • ·         Immodium tablets or charcoal and Depak from Circle K and a chemist. Which in Indonesia is called an Apotik.
  • ·         Try to eat only dry foods such as rice, muesli, etc
  • ·         If it goes on for longer than you would expect get yourself to a Doctor


As for me RIGHT NOW I will cry if this goes on any longer! If I have any tears left…

I hope you found this useful and I hope you can always stay well on your travels everyone.


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