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Cocoon Beach Club’s 8 Hour Pork Belly Recipe

Whether you are missing Cocoon’s succulent 8 Hour Pork Belly and wanting to attempt to replicate it at home or you simply think your a Masterchef in the kitchen, then  I have just the recipe for you!

Courtesy of Cocoon Beach Bar they shared this amazing recipe for you to enjoy which is on their tasty menu Lunch and Dinner. Please let me know your end result.

Recipe – 8 Hour Organic Pork Belly

King prawn, apple & cassava puree, asian slaw, beetroot jerez vinegar reduction


Basa gede (Balinese spice marinade for pork belly)

300g shallots

100g garlic

75g galangal

75g ginger

60g turmeric

4 candlenuts

6 piece lombok chili

1 tsp shrimp paste

2 salam leaf

2 lemongrass stick

1 tbsp white peppercorn

1 tbsp salt

200ml salad oil

Rough chop all and slowly cook for about 1 hour, then puree in blender  to form paste, allow to cool and marinade pork meat side only, plastic wrap and leave in chiller for 1-2hours. Place pork belly skin side down on baking rack/drip tray with.  Cook in combi oven for 8 hours at 105c on half steam/half roast setting. When pork belly is ready take out from baking rack, place in new tray, with another tray on top and press in chiller with something heavy on top for about 4 hours.


Apple & cassava pure

300g cassava

600g apple

1 cinnamon stick

100ml cream

500ml stock

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp butter

2 tsp white sugar


Rough chop cassava and bring to the boil in the chicken stock with the cinnamon stick, when half cooked add the rough chopped apple and cream and continue to simmer until both just soft. The stock and cream mix should have reduced by ¾ so take out cinnamon stick, then place all directly into robo coupe and puree, adding the butter, lemon juice, seasoning and sugar. Once all is pureed further fine strain mixture.

Asian slaw

200g red cabbage

200g white cabbage

100g snow peas

100g carrot

50g lombok chili

50g bean sprouts

½ cup picked coriander leaf

½ cup mint leaf

3 tbsp fried shallot

3 tbsp toasted peanut

Sea slat flakes & white pepper

Finely shave cabbages on meat slicer or mandolin, julienne carrot, snow peas, and seeded chili. Mix all together with herbs, peanuts and fried shallots then add the mayonnaise dressing as desired, mix well to all the salad is combined.


Mayonnaise dressing

4 egg yolks

1 lemongrass

1 lombok chili (seeded)

40g ginger

3 pieces coriander root

2 tbsp brown sugar

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 limes juiced & 1 zest

4 garlic cloves

 Puree all above in robo coupe slowly add 500ml pomace oil, balance and season with extra sugar or lime to taste.

Beetroot & jerez vinegar reduction

 5 beetroots

3/4 cup sherry vinegar

3 tbsp brown sugar

2 tbsp xanthan gum

 Juice beetroots in fruit juicer, pour juice straight into saucepan with vinegar and sugar and reduce by ½. Allow to cool, strain reduction and stir through xanthan gum.


Beetroot Foam

 3 beetroots juiced

1 tbsp brown sugar

1tsp lecite

 Juice beetroots, strain, add sugar bring to 65c then add lecite and blend with hand blender.


Reheating and plating 

Cut a rectangle portion from the pork belly, carefully cut the skin off the portion in one piece. Place pork belly on baking tray, rub salt on the skin and place the skin on the tray also, reheat in oven at 200c for about 12mins.


Peel, clean, then saute the king prawn in olive oil, on high heat, about 1min 20 second each side then take off heat add 1 tsp butter, and a squeeze of lemon and season.


Spread tablespoon size of the cassava and apple puree in the middle of the plate, on one side serve a portion of the asian slaw, add a nice spoon full of the beetroot foam on top off the salad, then rest the crispy skin with the salad also.  Spoon out some beetroot and sherry reduction on the other side of the puree, place the pork belly on top, then the sautéed king prawn as a garnish on the pork.

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